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Michael G. Dolence and Associates specializes in designing, developing, and deploying Best Practices in Higher Education. Our core competencies include: curriculum-centered strategic planning, learner-centered curriculum, strategic enrollment management, linking planning and budgeting, revenue planning, strategic initiatives, organizational transformation, information technology optimization, managerial and learning assessment, marketing, strategic positioning and both internal and external communications enhancement.

Curriculum Centered Strategic Planning


A Primer on the Curriculum-Centered Strategic Planning Model

The Curriculum-Centered Strategic Planning Model  provides a framework for strategic planning in higher education. Click here to learn how the CCSPM can help you focus your strategic planning efforts.

The Learner-Centered Curriculum

The Learner-Centered Curriculum defines a framework to guide the development of curriculum. Click here to learn more about how the Learner Centered Curriculum can help you.

Top Articles

15 Most Common Budget Reduction Strategies
Fifteen of the most common budget reduction strategies deployed by colleges and universities.

Five Steps to Optimizing Your Information System
At a minimum, every ten years an institution should commit to optimizing their information system through systematic and comprehensive examination and recalibration.

Focus on the Big Rocks
This story has traveled around the "quality circuit" for a long while and in many forms. It is still a timely message and important to remember when developing plans and priorities.

A Sample Retention Classification System
This article outlines a seven category retention classification system designed to initiate the development of an institution specific one.

Tune-Up Your Strategic Planning Process
Five key steps to improving your strategic planning process.


Tools and Resources

College and University Lookup

Need to find a college or university? Use our College and University lookup to find information on any institution in the United States.

Webinar: Overview of the CCSPM

Adult Learning Calculator

How many adult learners are there in your area? Now you can estimate the number using our Adult Learning Calculator.


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Budget Reduction Strategies

Legal Decisions

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